Combat Distrust

We are dedicated to restoring public trust in the media by providing our readers with resources to reframe and regain context and perspective as we forge a new path within the digital landscape of journalism. 

Inspire Thoughts

We don’t live by boundaries; we defy them. We aim to inspire thoughts by serving niche-based content to the hardcore synth heads, the MMA fanatics, the “progressives” and “conservatives”, the proud furparents, the diehard surfers and others covering our collective readership.  

Disable Malice

Civil conversations are part and parcel of the media ecosystem, yet they’ve routinely devolved from intellectual discussions into a deluge of slanderous, libelous and bigoted attacks on a significant amount of popular media platforms. Rather than funneling this pit of disservice to a readership in return for ad revenue, our modus operandi is to focus on the main content and disable malice by curbing comments.

Democratize Advertising

We fight the buffet of mediocrity, dominating the status quo of corroded display ads that are cemented by traditional auction models. We don’t treat our readership or its promoters as cattle and, thereby, offer robust promotional opportunities, which provide an equal playing field that are the same for SMBs as they are for the enterprise. We push for modern advertising that rids banners, GIF ads and, otherwise, completed outdated forms of marketing.